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              A4402 Dual Output Regulator

              欄目:產品信息 發布時間:2009-07-01
              Allegro New Product Release
              A4402 Dual Output Regulator: Buck plus Integrated Linear Regulator
              Today, we will be releasing the A4402 Dual Output Regulator: Buck plus Integrated Linear Regulator to market. The A4402 is a power management IC that combines a 2% constant on-time buck regulator and a 2% linear regulator. It is ideal for applications that require two regulated voltages. The buck regulator output supplies the adjustable linear regulator to reduce power dissipation and increase overall efficiency.  This new switching regulator is capable of running at frequencies up to 2MHz which allows the system designer the opportunity to select low value inductors and capacitors while avoiding EMI emissions. The A4402 provides two regulated outputs and is packaged in a small profile exposed pad 16L TSSOP package (suffix LP). Protection features include under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown. In case of a shorted load, each regulator features over current protection. The A4402 also features a power-on reset with adjustable delay for the microprocessor output.

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